Haverty Olsen Residence

Seal Rock, Oregon

When the view is out to the ocean and down into a rocky cove but the soil cannot allow a house to perch upon the edge of the bluff, it must rise upward and stretch out to its view. The living room cantilevers out over the geological setback and expansive glass window walls fill the central gathering spaces with natural light. To either side, private bedroom wings use angled splayed window wells to frame views out to the sea while maintaining maximum privacy. The central roof is angled to maximize the opportunity to harness solar energy as the home explores energy sustainability. Minimal trees will be disturbed by the home’s footprint, which is minimized to maintain the craggy natural beauty of the site.  Photography by David Papazian Photography, Inc.

Winner Oregon Home Structure and Style Award 2022 and Featured in 1859 Magazine January/February 2023