Bay View Residence (LEED Platinum Certified)

Newport, Oregon

This home is arranged long and thin to maximize peaceful bay views and provide optimal daylighting and cross ventilation.  A series of unevenly folded gable roofs shelters a modest home upstairs, apartment downstairs, covered outdoor patios, and plenty of garage space for outdoor recreation.  Stained wood shingles and braces, exposed rafter tails, rock veneer, and stainless details create a warm, welcoming home up the bay.  This home received LEED PLATINUM V.4 Certification by the US Green Building Council – the first project to receive this certification on the Oregon Coast.  Solar panels, high-performance windows, walls and roofs, low-flow plumbing, passive strategies and high efficiency EVERYTHING make this house special. This house generates 100% of its energy demand.  Photography by David Papazian Photography Inc.